Guaranty Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity, the Official website guarantees your vehicle registration in Prefecture by respecting:

  • Best Prices and delivery times  thanks to our Car maker Partners
  • The authenticity and validity of our Certificates of Conformity in Europe and your vehicle registration in Prefecture
  • A simplified and quick ordering process  with no re-use of your personal data
  • A customized follow-up of your order with our Expert team Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


What is the European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C?

The European Certificate of Conformity, C.O.C (Certificate of Conformity) is a standardized official document established by car manufacturers and validated by Certificate of Conformity which indicates the characteristics of a motor vehicle and general compliance with the standards of countries in which it was manufactured. Called "European Certificate of Conformity" in the European Union, it appeared in 1993; from Year 1995 it has ensured compliance with European regulations for safety and pollution. The European Certificate of Conformity, C.O.C (Certificate of Conformity) Certificate of Conformity is essential (Directive 70/156/EEC) for registering a new or used vehicle imported from a foreign country. The European Certificate of Conformity is required by Prefecture for vehicle registration in all countries within Europe. The registration shall be issued upon presentation of the European Certificate of Conformity, C.O.C (Certificate of Conformity) and other regulatory documents in force. This directive applies only to passenger vehicles of the M1 type (transport maximum of 8 persons + driver).

The European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C (Certificate of Conformity) is an essential document to register a vehicle purchased in France in a European Union country or abroad delivered by Certificate of Conformity.



1. What are the Certificate of Conformity commitments?

Since its creation, Certificate of Conformity is based on strong commitments:

  • Providing you with the European Certificate of Conformity (C.O.C)
  • The European Certificate of Conformity at the best price valid all around Europe
  • Best delivery time
  • Internet security
  • Transparency and availability
  • Meeting our commitments


2. How much time do I have to register my car?

The buyer of the car has one month to register it at the prefecture (from the day the car is bought).


3. Is The European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C restricted to certain vehicles?

Yes. The Certificate of Conformity C.O.C may be established for two or four-wheeled vehicles (new or used vehicles) community-type (EC) with a weight <= 3.5 T for which the number of spaces provided is less than or equal to 9. These vehicles must have been previously registered in a country of the European Union and after 1995.


4. Is the European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C mandatory to register your car?

Yes. The European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C is mandatory and is issued for any vehicle aimed at the European market (1st year of registration came after 1995).


5. Is it possible to obtain the European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C for a vehicle from a country outside the EU?

No. The European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C is issued only to vehicles of the European market with an EC type-approval.


6. What information should you provide when you order the European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C?

You will be asked to enter your delivery address and payment details at your convenience.

You will also provide a copy of the current vehicle registration card.

Moreover, you may be asked (depending on the brand of the vehicle) to provide:

  • A proof of identity or passport
  • A copy of the vechicle specifications (technical data)
  • A statement of the nameplate of the vehicle


7. How long does it take to get the European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C?

From 3 to 15 working days once payment and documents are validated.


8. How do I receive my European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C?

Your European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C will be sent to you by priority post.


9. What is the shipping time listed for each European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C?

The shipping time is the deadline to obtain your Certificate of Conformity C.O.C once your payment is confirmed. The shipping time for each European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C is listed on the website.
If you buy more than one European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C, it is usually the longest shipping time that applies to the entire order.
Your order can also be subject of several expeditions. We will tell you about the exact delivery time for each of them.


10. What happens if my European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C has been shipped but I still do not receive it?

Once your European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C  is shipped and the delivery time exceeded, please contact our customer service (


11. What happens if it is not possible to obtain the European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C?

If the European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C for certain models seems too long to obtain, the team may substitute this certificate by another legal official document that is sufficient to get your car registered in Prefecture.


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